The Brand Sprout


Developing a brand’s visual identity

We understand the importance of having a visual identity, to create a unique and cohesive brand image. In order to showcase your brand in a distinct way, we will work with you on – Design the logo / redesign the logo. The logo is the first visual contact your audience has of your brand. We will work on creating one that reflects the values of your brand.

Brand positioning

Its important to position your brand in the right way with the right audience. You may not be the solution to all, however you would definitely be a solution to a targeted audience. We would position your brand in a way so that it reaches the right audience.

Brand guidelines

Once the design elements of the brand are finalized, the same must have guidelines so that the brand is represented correctly through its design elements, be the color palette that should be used consistently, or the font used, or the placement of the logo in social media.


Design and content are two sides of the same coin. Its equally important to set the tone of the messaging, eg., the language to be used, whether it should be in a formal or semi formal tone, whether it should be conversational, long posts on social media or short, engaging content. We would create the content strategy for you in terms of what kind of content, language tone etc would work for your brand. Yes we would also write the content, be it for social media, your website, blogs etc.

Creating the marketing strategy

When you are ready with your brand, its crucial that you position it correctly on the right platforms. We would create the marketing / brand positioning strategy which would showcase where, i.e., on which platforms and when your brand would be launched. Next it would also mention how often you should be visible on these platforms.

We understand the need for your brand to stand out amongst the many out there. Your brand is unique with its own value system and deserves its own branding strategy. This is why we would create a ‘branding solutions’ strategy and package from scratch for you.

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